Marrakech Morocco – Travel The Red City

shoe-market Large cities like Marrakech are maze of  enchanting Arabic markets. Souks are a major feature of Moroccan life.  Artisan vendors of all kinds flock the streets selling a range of foods, clothes, carpets, jewelry and metals. The slippers, a vibrant display of culture, are referred to as baboosh.

Row after row of baboosh tower in the air, gentle turquoise, pomegranate, melon, lilac and pear green colored leathers attract the tourists eye. They also make for a great souvenir.

The pointed toe and flat heal are the main characteristics of the baboosh and are worn by both men and woman. Traditionally the men tend to wear yellow pointed slippers, or other light colors that help reflect the sun, accompanied by their traditional red fez hat. Moroccan woman wear brighter colors like pinks, blues and black with sequins, beads or glitter.

While Moroccan clothing may be evolving to a more contemporary image, traditional styles hold prominent at certain festivals, formal events and weddings. So if you are touring Morocco a little baboosh flair could dress up your night on the town.


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