Travel Zagora: Morocco’s Tamagroute Pottery Cooperative


Every day in Morocco potter’s hands mold the burnt orange clay, wheels turn and ceramic bowls bake in the heat. It’s a daily process.

In the villages, woman head down to the river bank to dig the moist clay from the earth. Retracing their steps back home with full woven baskets. A heavy load. The clay drips. Water stains the dry dirt.

Morocco is well known for its wide range of ceramic pottery. The pots are generally used for daily life, a large number are bought by tourists, while others are exported over seas. Pottery also lines the souks, hand painted with fine detail, deep colors and a variety of hand spun designs.

The city of Fes is known for producing high end pottery with an array of colors and sparkling glaze. Tamegroute produces pottery inspired by Fes designs. The kilns of Tamegroute are built into the steep slopes of the countryside. Tamegroute is known for its distinct green and brown glaze.

Tamegroute has been a religious center since the 11th century. The Nasiriyya brotherhood brought the native techniques and green enamel from Fes to Tamegroute, assembling merchants and craftsmen to raise the status of the city.


The pottery cooperatives is a great attraction for tourists visiting the Zagora region. Pottery is made and bought on the spot at the cooperatives. Some of the village roofs of Tamegroute and other regions are also tiled with the green ceramic clay. When the sunlight streams down, the green roofs glisten against the stone city.

The green glaze is made from a combination of magnesium and copper. The ceramic pots and dishes with this glaze are waterproof. A trip to the pottery villages is a great way to get inside the local culture of Morocco, to experience some hands on work, and take home a sustainable and “green” souvenir.

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