Fantasia in Marrakech at Chez Ali, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Chez Ali Kasbah in Palmerie, Marrakech

Fantasia in Marrakech at Chez Ali is a spectacular way to see Marrakech by night. This Equestrian dinner and Moroccan music show in the Palmerie of Marrakech, Morocco an homage and touristic replication of the traditional Meknes Fantasia. At Chez Ali in Marrakech, a Moroccan dinner is served with a traditional starter of Harira, with a main course of Mechoui and couscous, all under caidal “tents”. The dinner is complimented by Berber folklore and a wide range of musical styles from Berber groups, Chabbi musicians, Moroccan Rap and Gnaoua. Attendees will see jugglers. the flying carpet, belly dancing and finally the Fantasia show.

Chez Ali Equestrian Horse Show, Marrakech

Originating from the region of Meknes Morocco, Fantasia is a war ceremony that consists of opposing groups of horsemen, each representing the best rides of its tribe. The performance is inspired from historical wartime attacks of Berber and desert knights. Today, Fantasia is considered as a cultural art and a form of martial art; it also symbolizes a strong relationship between the man and the horse, as well as an attachment to tradition.

Each region in Morocco has one or several fantasia groups, called serba, totaling thousands of horse riders nationwide. Performances are usually during local seasonal, cultural or religious festivals, also called mousseum, which translates to “season” in Arabic. This traditional equestrian performance practiced during cultural festivals in Morocco. Fantasia is not the original name as the actual traditional term used is “Game of gunpowder”.

Chez Ali Singers, Marrakech

Fantasia in its pure form consists of a group of horse riders, wearing traditional clothes and charging along a straight path at the same speed so as to form a line, at the end of the ride (about two hundred meters) all riders fire into the sky using old gunpowder guns. The difficulty of the performance is synchronization during the acceleration and especially during firing so that one single shot is heard. The horse is referred to as fantasia horse.

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