Oualidia the Well Kept Secret, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Oualidia, Lagoon at La Sultana Boutique Hotel

The lagoon and extensive beaches at  Oualidia, lying between El Jadida and Safi, were a well kept secret and a favourite of Moroccans as a seaside venue and a place to unwind. Oualidia is a new Honeymoon Tour destination in Morocco given it’s remote location and romantic surroundings.  Over the years Oualidia as a tourism destination  has increased in popularity given it offers a beautiful, sheltered natural  beach and fishing location where surfing and swimming in it’s blue lagoon are enjoyed by more travelers on a break from the busy streets of Casablanca and Marrakech.

Oualidia is also an excellent location for bird watching with pink flamingos in spring and summer, amongst other species. The unspoiled beaches extend for miles and are ideal for walking and horse riding. There is a French run surfing camp for young and old, ideal for families with children. Members of the royal family reputedly learn to surf there. As well as  the ruins an ancient Kasbah built by Sultan Al Walid there is the former King Mohammed V’s palace which is now largely derelict.

With its mild year-round climate and quiet relaxing beaches, Oualidia is less crowded than the more populated Coastal town of El Jadida and Essaouira. It is more protected from the wind and a haven from the hot and dusty cities given it is less commercialised than other resorts such as Agadir.

Oualidia Oysters, Ostrea Restaurant

This small coastal town is also famous for it’s oyster farms at Maison Ostrea II.  Oyster farming in Oualidia started shortly after Morocco gained independence in 1956 using Japanese oysters with methods learnt from the French. Now rows of oyster beds are spread along the lagoon and are separated according to size.

There is none of the usual hassling in Oualidia.  The shallow waters of the lagoon are ideal for swimming, surfing, wind-surfing or water-skiing. You can hire a kayak and explore the lagoon.  Oulalidia is a very important ecological location. Among the marshes and wetlands there  are  curlews, flamingos, sandpipers, plovers, stilts and many other migrating species making it a paradise for bird watchers

Keen walkers can follow the cliff path for miles above deserted grottoes and beaches. Oualidia is famous for its oysters. You can sample them as well as locally-caught crab, sea bass and sea bream, at one of the many waterside restaurants or freshly grilled on the beaches by fishermen.

LHippocampe Hotel, Oualidia

The Araignee Gourmande  restaurant is highly recommended  as is L’Ostrea  and  there are a  others including the l’Hippocampe, which is also an hotel  and Le Kalypso.

 There are  small hotels including the Dar Beldi which is French run with attractive French Moroccan architecture and decoration and a fine garden. It is about 10 minutes walk from the beach.

 The luxury boutique hotel La Sultana Oualidia is at the edge of the lagoon with L’Hippocampe  and the Auberge Oualidia , which offers less costly accommodation.

Oualidia has been described as a coastal escape for connoisseurs, with something to offer out of season as well because of its milder climate and the protection from high winds by the lagoon.

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Morocco’s Imperial CitiesSeaside Resorts,Sahara Desert,Berber villagesA Taste of MoroccoMagical Kasbahs, Ruins & WaterfallsAbsolute Morocco, The Best of MarrakechFes, and Ouarzazate

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