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20th Annual Fes Festival of Sacred Music

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, celebrates its 20th anniversary this year with the theme Conference of the Birds: Journey of Cultures. It has been twenty years of a musical, spiritual and artistic journey exploring the cultures and traditions of the world, revealed in ever greater depth through concerts, exhibitions, film screenings and debates. It takes place in Fes, Morocco from June 13th – 21st, 2014.


The seven continents are represented by superb artists, grand masters renowned for their art: from Europe, one of the greatest tenors of our time, Roberto Alagna, presents a show created specially for the Festival; in addition to Tomatito, who works with Paco de Lucia at the top of his field of flamenco guitar. Representing Africa is an encounter between Youssou N’dour and Johnny Clegg in a tribute to Nelson Mandela; along with Rokia Traoré. From Asia is the prestigious Arab singer Kadem Saher and Zakir Hussain, the most celebrated Indian tabla musician.

Morocco is represented by a number of artists during the opening concert and also in an Arab-Jewish-Andalusian evening showcasing the greatest Moroccan artists both Muslim and Jewish, presenting their magnificently rich cultural heritage. Luzmilla Carpio from Bolivia represents South America, and Buddy Guy from North America, the great legend of Chicago blues who will be visiting Morocco for the first time with his ensemble, presenting the mythical music of this Afro-American culture.

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music and the Fes Forum, founded in1994 and 2001, are dedicated to the traditions of knowledge, art and spirituality of the city. The Fes Festival was designated in 2001 by the United Nations as one of the major events contributing in remarkable fashion to the dialogue between civilizations.

Faouzi Skali

Forum Director and Founder, Faouzi Skali introduces the Festival and Travel Exploraiton Morocco is proud to present the 2014 program here.

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The opening concert of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music features the premiere of a work specially commissioned for the Festival. It is a feast of stagecraft and the visual arts that encompasses music, dance, song, video and poetry.

The opening concert at 21h00 on 13 June at Bab al Makina entitled Manteq at-Tayr in Arabic, Conference of the Birds : Journey of Cultures. This work encompasses the journey of different world cultures in their quest for direction and of their transformation as they encounter various exchanges. Performance inspired by The Conference of the Birds by Farid Ud-Din Attar, translated by Leili Anvar and published by Diane de Selliers.

They take place throughout the Fes Festival as a fitting finish to the day’s events in a warm atmosphere full of spirituality and conviviality.

It’s a perfect moment to be shared by all, in the gardens of Dar Tazi in the heart of the Fes medina.

Medina Nights Performers from June 16th – 18th:

Breezes of the Atlas & Jews Harp from China, The Choir of Saint Ephraim, Majils Triom Atlan Ensemble, Leili Anvar, Marifat, Khalil Abu Nicola, Tomatito Sextet, Nouhalia El Khalai, Mor Karbasi, Zakir Hussain

Festival in the City Concert Program:

The Festival in the City brings together all the great traditions of sacred music, spiritual music, and world music. As part of the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music, it offers free daily concerts in popular city squares for the people of Fes, Morocco and from abroad.
These large public concerts are free and take place at Boujloud Square at 18h30 (except saturday June 14th at 22h30 – 10:30pm) and at the Jnan Sbil garden at 16h.

Saturday 14 June
Jnan Sbil garden 16h : Ensemble Takht al Arabi, Aziz Liwae

From Bab Boujloud 18h : 2nd RACE TO THE RHYTHM OF WORLD SACRED MUSIC with traditional folkloric groups from all over Morocco will perform along the route.
Bab Boujloud 22h30 Chant d’Ahidous de l’Atlas / Badr Rami (Syrie)

Sunday 15 june
Jnan Sbil Garden  16h : Songs of the group Aisawa, Said Berrada
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Musa Dieng Kala (Sénégal) / Jil Jilala

Monday 16 june
Jnan Sbil Garden 16h : Feminin orchestra of Fès
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Luzmila Carpio (Bolivia) / Ouled Al Bouazzaoui (Songs of  theAïeta )

Tuesday 17 june
Jnan Sbil Garden 16h : Nasr Migri
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Ribab Fusion (Amazigh’s songs from Souss)/Sefrawa Fusion (winner of the Tremplin Fé Riad 2014)

Wednesday 18 june
Jnan Sbil Garden 16h : Roudaniyat, women from Mèknes
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Laabi Orchestra

Thursday 19 June
Jnan Sbil Garden 16h : Amina Ben Souda
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Raza Khan (India) /Abidat Rma

Friday 20 june
Jnan Sbil Garden 16h : Songs of Melhoûn, Mohammed El Hadri/ Amazigh poetry reading: Omar Taous
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Hot 8 Brass Band (USA)/ Saïda Charaf

Sunday 21 june
Jnan Sbil Garden 16h : Ihsan Rmiki
Bab Boujloud 18h30 : Kadim Al Sahira

Free entry Dar Tazi: Sufi Nights from 23h00

These outdoor samaâ concerts are open to all, and give a glimpse into Islamic culture through the richness and creativity of its artistic and spiritual dimensions.

Saturday 14 June : National Tijani group of Rabat directed by Mohcine Nawrach, with sama’a and madih

Sunday 15 June : Group from the Darkaouia Zaouia, Essaouira

Monday 16 June : Group from the Sakalia Zaouia in Fes, directed by Haj Mohamed Bennis

Tuesday 17 June : Group from the Naqchabandia Zaouia directed by Noureddine Tahiri

Wednesday 18 June : Group Rouh of Meknes directed by Yassine Habibi, with Sufi sama’a

Thursday 19 June : Group from the Harrakia Zaouia, Rabat

Friday 20 June : Group from the Ouazzania Zaouia of Ouazzane directed by Fouad Ouazzani

Saturday 21 June : Group from the Hamdouchia Zaouia of Fez directed by Abderrahim Amrani

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