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Trekking in the Atlas Mountains and Kasbah Toubkal

Tuesday, November 6th, 2012


Mountain Scenery, Kasbah Toubkal

Trekking and climbing in the Atlas Mountains and Toubkal National Park is increasingly popular,catering for all levels of fitness and available for  short trips or extended treks over a period of several days.It is an opportunity to see the Atlas mountains and its people, it is by far the most beautiful of Morocco’s diverse countryside, still largely unchanged from the time when it was remote and cut off from the ouside world.

Walking holidays in the Atlas mountains often feature climbingf Jebel Toubkal, at 4,165m, the highest mountain in North Africa. This does not require expert mountaineering skills but does require a higher level of fitness and  care should be taken when weather conditions turn difficult.The ascent during the end of the winter and spring (February/March) is more difficult. Crampons  are necessary to ascend through the snow and ice. Mount Toubkal can be climbedin two days, first day up to the refuge (around seven hours without mules), second day to the summit (around five hours) and back to Imlil (up to five hours). you can of course take longer.

Just up from Imilil is the Kasbah Toubkal which can be reached on foot or by mule. It is in an iydillic setting surrounded by moutains and with a view of Mount Toubkal.

Hollywood movie director, Martin Scorsese, found it an ideal location for Kundun his film about the Dalai Lama, when it was temporarily converted into a Tibetan monastery. The view from the terrace of Kasbah Toubkal is stunning surrounded by the mountain scenery and the silence.

The Kasbah Toubkal in its current form was recreated by Chris and Mike McHugo from the original rundown Kasbah owned by the local caid. Local workers from Imlil and surrounding villages built the Kasbah into an hotel   with fourteen rooms with ensuite bathrooms, including a three-bedroom family house and separate Berber Salons, which although can be used on a dormitory basisfor groups. there is a conference centre for study groups. The rooms simple yet comfortable, with berber  hand-woven carpets, blankets, intricate carved woodwork and traitional wooden ceilings.

The Kasbah is an ideal base for climbing Mount Toubkal and trekking in the area. There is also a hamam to relax in after a hard day’s trek.The Kasbah and its local staff who run it provide an excellent introduction into Berber culture and local life. Guides for climbing and trekking are available and they provide you with a metal stick with a spike at the end which helps as you climb the steep slopes and rocky ground of the valleys.

The Kasbah also has  the Azzaden trekking lodge,  a remote location on the outskirts of Ait Aissa in the heart of the High Atlas Mountains. It is close to a traditional village and has  solar-powered underfloor heating and spectacular views a day’s walk away. Kasbah Toubkal has become increasingly popular so they havedeveloped alternative accommodation at Dar Imlil which is five minutes from the centre of Imlil. It has 4 standard double ensuite rooms and 6 double/twin de luxe rooms.

Kasbah Toubkal is very much at the centre of local life contributing to schools and education forlocal women. ithas won numerous awards for sustainable and environmental tourism , involving the local community in all its activities and provding eemployment for the local community. italso plays an important role for raising funds for local education and child welfare.

Many groups climb Mount Toubkal to raise sponsorship for charities . The Kasbah Toubkal is also involved in promoting sporting activities such as cycling and mountain biking which are increasingly popularinthe Toubkal National Park.

There are guides and mules available   in Imlil the village which is the gateway to Mount Toubkal and the Toubkal National Park . Sturdy boots and warm clothing are essential. There are two stone-built refuges (old Neltner Refuge and new Refuge du Toubkal) that are often used as base camp at 3,207 m (10,522 ft).

There  a wide range of trekking holidays available in Morocco such as the desert range of the Jebel Sahro in the south, the best area for trekking in winter along with the Anti Atlas. The Central Atlas is home to Morocco’s second highest peak, Jebel Mgoun.Walking  through the  Atlas mountains from Mgoun to Toubkal, passing through rarely trekked areas, many tiny villages and across high plateau  and ancient and discovering ancient rock carvings in the Toubkal National Park is an unforgetable experience.

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Marrakech Travel Excursion: One Day Ourika Valley Tour, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Marrakech Travel Excursion: One Day Ourika Valley Tour – Your Morocco Travel Guide

A Marrakech Travel Excursion to the Ourika Valley for a one day Ourika Tour is a seemingly relaxing way to spend time outside the hustle and bustle of Marrakech. Marrakech is Morocco’s capital of tourism and one of the most exciting Imperial cities to explore within Morocco. Even so, everyone who visits Marrakech for more then a few days may want to consider a Marrakech Travel Excursion to a slower placed seaside port or Moroccan nature tour where you can hire a driver whisk you a way for the day and return you that evening to the red hamra city of Marrakech.

Ourika-Valley- Landscape

Take a day off from the city heat to travel southeast of Marrakech, Morocco and visit the Ourika Valley. The Ourika Valley has a small souk located near a picturesque spiritual Zaouia every Monday. Ourika also boasts local crafts and Berber carpet shopping options with prices that are much less then expensive Marrakech. Let your Travel Exploration Morocco driver lead the way to local shopping options or stay true to the trip and focus on Ourika’s natural surroundings.


The road to Ourika is filled with gardens, palm tree plantations and fruit trees and you will find tiny hamlets, summer homes plus cafes and restaurants. During your one day Ourika Valley Tour you can have a quiet picnic lunch near the Ourika River or in a local Moroccan traditional restaurant with a local Ourika cooking. Options are a Moroccan tajine, couscous, salads and much more.


After having lunch during a visit to the Ourika Valley one of the best places to continue your journey is to visit Setti Fatma, just a few kilometers from the heart of Ourika which has beautiful streams and waterfalls. Your hiking guide will take you to explore Setti Fatma’s valley’s green terraces, surrounded by Atlas peaks, rocky village foothills and seven waterfalls.

Travel Exploration Morocco offers several Marrakech travel excursions and one-day tours for Moroccan travelers. Here are the Best Marrakech Travel Excursions and one-day tours that we offer:


1. Ourika Valley Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to Ourika Berber Villages, have lunch and see the Setti Fatima Waterfalls and return to Marrakech.

2. Ouzoud Waterfalls Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to the Cascades D’Ouzoud Falls, lunch above the falls or within a Berber tent aside the falls, fresh squeezed orange juice made by locals, a hike around the falls, a swim in the freezing cold and refresh Ouzoud Waterfalls and visit the Berber Village that resides just above the majestic Ouzoud. Then return to Marrakech.

3. Essaouira Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to this sea side medieval town that boasts lovely white-washed and blue-shuttered houses, colonnades, thuya wood workshops, art galleries and mouthwatering seafood. Enjoy the day walking by the port and visiting Orson Wells Square. Relax by the Atlantic. Then return to Marrakech.

4. Agadir Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to the Agadir Port, a short visit to the Valley of Birds if time allows and a nice long lunch of freshly caught Moroccan seafood. Make sure to keep a lookout for the Argan goats that climb the trees during the spring, summer and fall season to suckle off the Argan nuts which are then turned into Argan Oil, Argan Butter and used to make Argan cosmetics by Berber women. Then, return to Marrakech.

5. Safi Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to Safi, the pottery capital or Morocco, where guests can enjoy a variety of pottery traditions, shop, have lunch by the sea and visit some of the unique Moroccan artist galleries who showcase their pottery and paintings. This is a laid back one-day excursion with roadside views to the quiet and less traveled town of Safi, pronounced “Asfi” by Moroccans. Then, return to Marrakech.


6. High Atlas Tichka Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to the Sahara city of Ouarzazate, also referred to as the “Door to the Sahara Desert.” Travel Ouarzazate’s Ancient Kasbahs, Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site and tour Ouarzazate’s Kasbah Taourirt. Your next stop on this Ouarzazate Travel Excursion is to the Atlas film studios where Cleopatra, Bertolucci’s Sheltering Sky, Scorsese’s Kundun, Gillies MacKannon’s Hideous Kinky, Ridley Scott’s Gladiator, Black Hawke Down, Oliver Stone’s Alexander The Great, Ridley Scott’s Kingdom of Heaven, and Penelope Cruz’s Sahara were all filmed. Then return to Marrakech.


7. High Atlas Toukbal Tour – A Morocco Travel Excursion to the Berber Village of Imlil, stopping at the Argan Cooperative where you get a personal tasting and be able to watch Argan oil and Argan nut butter made by Berber woman while you are served fresh bread for dipping and Moroccan Mint tea. Have lunch in Imllil and then take a 2-hour hike up Mount Toukbal with a guide. Then return to Marrakech.


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