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The Ouarzazate Festival, Folk Music Talent, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Tuesday, August 5th, 2014

Ouarzazate Ahidous Berber Musicians

The 2nd edition of the Ouarzazate Festival will take place from September 14th – 19th, 2014.  The Ouarzazate Music Festival serves as an opportunity to promote the young artistic talents of Ouarzazate and its region. The outdoor spaces “3 March” and “Al Mouahidines “, as well as the Kasbah Taourirt will be the home of theaters and entertainment programs for this festival.

The program will be rich and varied featuring both Moroccan and international artists.  The singers Sami Rai, Hatim Alv, Naser Megri, Nabyla Maan, along with local Folk music are planned for this edition of the festival.

The Ouarzazate Festival will feature Ahidous music, a traditional dance performed by Moroccan Berber tribes in form flowing circles accompanied by percussion rhythmic songs.

Ouarzazate Festival Awash Musicians

Also featured is Ahwash music.  Ahwash music and dance is a local village folk dance performed by Berbers  and a significant part of Amazigh culture in Atlas and the Souss region of Morocco. Ahwash incorporates  the dance, poetry, songs with varied rhythms, and is different among each tribe.

The festival is organized in partnership with the provincial council of tourism (CPT) of Ouarzazate and the Moroccan national Office of Tourism (ONMT).

Best Places to Stay in Ouarzazate : Ouarzazate Riads

Ksar Ighnda – A 5 Star Kasbah with great charm and unique architecture in the Ait Benhaddou region, just 25 minutes from Ouarzazate city center. French owned the property offer the perfect experience for Southern Morocco combining location with out door swimming pool, cozy places to sit back and read a book and good food. Located just 5 minute walk to Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah.

Le Temple Des Arts – A 5 Star luxurious Riad in a restored villa offering rooms decorated with a film inspired theme. Perfectly located in Ouarzazate’s city center this relatively new property is theme oriented and ideal for warm months with its shaded interior. It is Moroccan run. Service is good.

Riad Dar Chamaa – A 4 Star boutique Modern Moroccan style hotel with majestic views, swimming pool and great charm. Moroccan – Spanish owned. The perfect place to stay with those on a limited budget. Located in Tabount, just 10 minutes from Ouarzazate city center.


Where to Eat in Ouarzazate:  

Le Kasbah Des Sables – A gastronomic experience with a menu that combines the cuisine of Fes, Meknes, Tangier, Arab and Berber with 5 class fare.  This restaurant offers a museum- quality atmosphere as its’ decor has been hand stitched together and is filled with Berber, Morocco traditional furniture and art that was hand crafted by local artisans in the Ouarzazate region. Each section of the restaurant offers an intimate environment and the opportunity to eat on tables that are hand painted and adorned with silver fibulas, Amber and other regional jewels.

Chez Dmitri – This restaurant is a landmark in Ourazazate and was the first one to open in 1928. This family restaurant’s reputation quite simply comes from its memorable international cuisine, as one may choose from a vast range of exotic dishes. The walls are decorated with photographs of many actors who have dined here while filming.It has gained an illustrious reputation and maintained it well. The restaurant is frequented by both tourists and locals who are looking for a quality meal in a charming, French-Moroccan atmosphere. Chez Dmitri offers authentic international cuisine and a wide variety of alcoholic drinks.

For more information about the Ouarzazate Music Festival or Ouarzazate Tours 

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Beat the Heat in Morocco, Top Ten Morocco Travel Tips For Summer, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Men at Sunrise Wearing Djellabas

1. Adopt a Moroccan schedule To Beat the Heat in Morocco During Summer & Other Seasons. Take advantage of the cool early morning hours in Morocco in Summer by taking a mid-moring snack and a late lunch about 1:00 PM. Take a nap in your air-conditioned hotel room or traditional Moroccan Riad, or a dip in the pool. Around 4 PM, have a snack, and head out again around 4:30-5:00 PM. You won’t miss much, because Moroccans tend to lie low during this same time. Enjoy yourself until dark, then head off for dinner around 8-9:00 PM. Take advantage of the Moroccan night life during the cool evening hours if you’re staying in Imperial cities such as Marrakech, Essaouira or Casablanca, all which boast varied restaurants with Moroccan and International cuisine along with entertainment.

2. When going out in the morning during your Morocco Travel experience, make sure to apply sunscreen and consider wearing a hat (or hat alternative) and sunglasses (protects your eyes against cataracts).

3. If you find yourself out and about, getting overheated and exhausted, use your water bottle to wet down your face, neck, hairline, and even the top of your t-shirt or dress in the upper back, shoulder, and neck areas. You can even splash some water on your arms if necessary.

Don’t worry about looking silly–it’s far better to take care of your health when traveling in Summer in Morocco. Even though you might not see them, plenty of Moroccans (especially men, or women when in their own homes) wet down their entire head and neck under a faucet if they feel severely overheated.

Under these circumstances, try also to get to a shaded area and sit down for a little while, even if you have to ask someone in a shop or elsewhere if you may use their stool to sit on. Most are more than happy to oblige if they see you need help.

4. Drink PLENTY of water. Doctors on the Moroccan radio have advised that this is the best way to avoid serious problems. (The objective is to keep your blood thin through drinking, because dehydration is what actually leads to strokes or heart attacks in the heat.)

5. If you are not on a salt-restricted diet, enjoy the Moroccan olives! Ask your guide to take you on a visit to the olive souk, where you can purchase several varieties of olives (which don’t need to be refrigerated in your hotel room). Enjoy these at your leisure. While a bit of salt is quite helpful in preventing heat stroke in extremely hot weather, salt tablets are quite unnecesary if you like olives!

Olive souk in Morocco

6. If possible, doctors suggest spending at least a couple of hours per day in an air-conditioned location. Even short periods will give your body a break. If you are unable to do so, don’t feel shy about wetting yourself down. Your clothes will easily dry in 20-30 minutes.

In addition to your Riad or hotel in Morocco, air-conditioning is becoming more available now in some larger stores (supermarkets and malls). These make a cooler place you can go for a break.

Fresh produce displayed inside an air-conditioned Acima Supermarket in Marrakesh

7. When stopping at small shops or cafés, they often DO have cold drinks. But sometimes you have to especially ASK for them. If they hand you an unopened bottle or can which is not cold, it never hurts to aks for one that is cold. Sometimes they only give them to the people who ASK. Moroccans nearly ALWAYS ask!

8. If you should ever find yourself in an out-of-the-way place that is just unbearable at night, one trick to help with this situation is to travel with a cheap (thin) bath towel. (Even a large hand towel will do.) These can be easily purchased at any local souk. Wet it down, wring it out, and lay it on top of your body in the bed. If you have a fan to lie in front of, it will offer instant relief. If you don’t have a fan, wave it back and forth in the air a few times; when you lay it on your body, it will feel cold. This can give you some much-needed relief.

9. Remember the locals are better acclimated to the heat of summer and cold of winter, because their bodies have a chance to adjust gradually throughout the year. If you spend a long time in Morocco, especially without air conditioning (or heat in winter), your body will adjust, too. But most tourists are not here long enough for that to happen. Most fly right in to the summer heat, are only here a short time, and need to be careful by following the above suggestions.

If you should ever need a doctor, generally your hotel desk or tour guide can help find you one quickly, who even speaks some English.

10. Low-lying and coastal regions (northern and western coasts) of Morocco, such as Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat, and Tangier often have moderate temperatures with humidity, but less of both than is found in the American South, or American East Coast. Marrakesh, Fes, Ouarzazate, and other inland cities or southern areas tend to have dry, to very dry, heat, which is far easier to tolerate than humid heat.

So, to sum up, in very hot weather, avoid going out between 1 PM and 4 PM. Rest in air-conditioning, if possible. Drink plenty of water, and don’t hesitate to ask someone for a stool or chair to rest on if you become exhausted. If you become overheated together with exhaustion, soak your head and shoulders in water —put your health before appearances.

For more information about a Morocco Travel Tips

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Travel Exploration specializes in Morocco Travel. We provide Tours and travel opportunities to Morocco for the independent traveler and tailor-made tours for families and groups with a distinctly unique flavor. From Morocco’s Seven Imperial Cities, to the Magical Sahara Travel Exploration offers a captivating experience that will inspire you. At Travel Exploration we guarantee that you will discover the best of Morocco! Call Travel Exploration at 1 (800) 787-8806 or 1 (917)703-2078 and let’s book a tour to Morocco for you today.

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Morocco 4×4 Tours, 4×4 Excursions to Morocco’s Sahara Desert and 4×4 Private Morocco Travel, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Tuesday, February 9th, 2010

Morocco 4×4 Tours offer the best way to discover the Sahara Desert & Berber Villages in the Maghreb. When visiting a country like Morocco, your journey is best served when traveling by luxury accommodations to the Sahara Desert such as a 4×4 Toyota Land cruiser. A Morocco Travel journey to the Sahara Desert and Berber Villages offers the opportunity to discover old pistes (windy roads) that were once traveled through by the old caravans.

Morocco-4x4-Tour-Toyota-Landcruiser -Lake-El-Mansour

Covering the routes of the old caravans and rocky Sahara Desert pistes is best done in a 4×4 when touring Morocco. A Morocco 4×4 Tour allows you as a Moroccan traveler and your family to visit tiny Berber villages and hamlets that are located throughout the country’s Sahara and Atlas Mountain regions in relative ease and comfort.


When traveling in a 4×4 during your Morocco Tour, you will also be able to feel care free as a result of long distances that exists between cities such, as Marrakech and Ouarzazate, Ouarzazate and the Merzouga Sahara Desert, Ouarzaztae and the M’hamid Sahara Desert and Marrakech and the Tizi N’ Tichka pass. 4×4 Morocco Travel enables guests who take a private tour to Morocco to relax in comfort in between arriving at their local Morocco holiday destinations.


Morocco 4×4 Tours also offer a kind of unique adventure that cannot be found when traveling in large tour buses or small cars in Morocco. A 4×4 Morocco Tour feels more like a Morocco expedition then a standard Morocco vacation. Morocco 4×4 Tours are your key traveling through the Atlas Mountains, the Sahara Desert and Tizi N’ Tickha Mountains with the utmost ease. A 4×4 enables Moroccan travelers to see a wide range of stunning Moroccan scenery and the option to be free and stop to take photographs at leisure.


4×4 Morocco Travel also allow for a customized Morocco Tour itinerary. When traveling throughout Morocco in a 4×4 there is an opportunity to explore a variety of different routes within the Sahara and Atlas Mountain regions then when traveling by bus or car. Some say, that to see the “Real Morocco,” a journey must be done in no less the 10 days in Morocco and the best way to accomplish this is on a private Morocco 4×4 Morocco Tour. Traveling in a 4×4 also offers the privacy to explore on your Morocco vacation without the nuisance of other travelers.

Morocco 4×4 Tours also offer 4×4 excursions to the cities of Marrakech and Ouarzazate. As a Morocco Travel Agency and Destination Management company based in Ouarzazate, Travel Exploration Morocco promises to deliver the best on road and off road experience during a 4×4 Morocco Tour. With our American-Moroccan partnership, Travel Exploration Morocco guarantees that our guests will discover the best of Morocco through our expertise of planning and placement in the best Riads in Marrakech, the best Riads in Fes, the best Riads in Ouarzazate and luxury bivouacs in the Sahara Desert.


Travel Exploration Morocco also works with the top 4 and 5 Star Riads in Morocco that offer a palace-like unique atmosphere with spectacular Moroccan Food. In Southern Morocco Travel Exploration Morocco works with some of the best Riads and Guesthouses that offer the most majestic views and magnificent traditional Moroccan cuisine.


Travel Exploration Morocco is a proud member of ASTA– the American Association of Travel Agents. As a member of ASTA, Travel Exploration Morocco guarantees our guests trip through an ensured plan. ASTA- The American Association of Travel Agents offers Americans, Europeans and other foreigners the option to travel with ease, knowing that the Morocco Travel Agency and American- Moroccan Destination Management Company that travel agents collaborate with is officially approved by American Travel counterparts.


When planning a Morocco 4×4 Tour it is important to consider the wide variety of options that agencies offer. Some helpful tips that will make your Morocco 4×4 Tour….simply the best.


Five Tips For The Best Morocco 4×4 Tour

  1. Make a list of what is most important to you during your Morocco 4×4 Tour and ask the Morocco Travel Agency to answer the questions you have in full detail.
  2. Ask a Morocco Travel Agency or Morocco Destination Management Company what they plan to provide you with during your 4×4 Morocco Tour that is different from others travel agencies which will enable you to have the best Morocco travel experience.
  3. Make sure that the Travel Agency you book a Morocco Tour with is either a member of ASTA- American Travel Association or a member of his/ her own country’s Travel Association. A true sign of this is for the Morocco Travel Agency to have the logo of the association they are a member of posted on their website and included in their brochures. You can also log on to ASTA- American Association of Travel Agents website and check if an agency is a member.
  4. Make sure that the Morocco Travel Agency you work with during a Morocco 4×4 Tour guarantees that they will spend more per guest and on your comfort through providing the best quality Riads or Hotels and food accommodations. Travel Exploration Morocco has a reputation of spending 20% more per guest to ensure safe, enjoyable and comfortable travel and accommodations. This is a must when traveling to the Maghreb.
  5. A good Morocco Travel Agency always asks you questions about yourself, lets you know that, as the guest who is traveling to Morocco, you come first and provides you with a complete organized list of what to bring for your travel experience.

For more information on Morocco 4×4 Tours

For more information about Travel and Tours to Morocco plus highlights on Moroccan culture visit Morocco’s Imperial CitiesSeaside Resorts,Sahara DesertBerber villagesA Taste of MoroccoMagical Kasbahs, Ruins & WaterfallsAbsolute Morocco, The Best of MarrakechFes, and Ouarzazate.

Discover The Best of Morocco - Travel Exploration

Travel Exploration specializes in Morocco Travel. We provide Tours and travel opportunities to Morocco for the independent traveler and tailor-made tours for families and groups with a distinctly unique flavor. From Morocco’s Seven Imperial Cities, to the Magical Sahara Travel Exploration offers a captivating experience that will inspire you. At Travel Exploration we guarantee that you will discover the best of Morocco! Call Travel Exploration at 1 (800) 787-8806  or 1 (917)703-2078  and let’s book a tour to Morocco for you today.

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