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Dakhla Morocco, Best Kitesurfing in the World, Your Morocco Travel Guide, Part I of II

Saturday, June 12th, 2010

Ad Dakhla Lagoon, in far Southern Morocco, next to the Tropic of Cancer

Dakhla or Ad Dakhla, Morocco is located on the southern Sahara desert coast of Morocco, just above the Tropic of Cancer and is one of the best locations in the world for kitesurfing. Both the 2010 World Kitesurfing Championships and the 2009 Dakhla Kiteboard World Cup were held there. Dakhla has a 50-km flat-water shallow sand-basin lagoon, with perfect wind conditions, which is why it is so popular.

The Ad Dakhla Lagoon, at High Tide

The constant and strong northwesterly winds are caused by the natural thermals rising from the desert and meeting the cold temperatures rising from the Canary current in the Atlantic Ocean next to Morocco. The excellent winds ensure that a vast range of kitesurfing conditions are always available, and this is why Ad Dakhla is sought out by kiteboarders.

Kitesurfing lessons can be arranged in Dakhla for beginner and intermediate levels, for those who are interested. It’s even exhilarating just to watch the kitesurfers, especially when they make dramatic jumps in the air.

So why does kiteboarder Johara Freedom Sykes-Davies enjoy Ad Dakhla, Morocco? She says,”I love super flat spots to learn new freestyle tricks, it is so satisfying powering along a super slick lagoon and putting 100% into learning a new trick.”

Johara Freedom Sykes-Davies

Johara Freedom Sykes-Davies Kitesurfing in Ad Dakhla

Ad Dakhla is the ultimate in uncrowded desert scenery for serious kiteboarders and Morocco’s adventure travelers.

The Lagoon, at Ad Dakhla, Morocco

Where should luxury Sahara desert travelers not interested in camping stay in Dakhla? Definitely at the Sahara Regency Hotel. Ad Dakhla is Morocco’s southernmost Atlantic city, with a population of about 70,000.

View of Ad Dakhla, Morocco, from the Sahara Regency Hotel

The next post in this series will cover Dakhla activities for non-kiteboarders to see and do in Ad Dakhla.

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