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Travel Exploration Trip Advisor Winner 2016 – Morocco Private Tours

Monday, November 14th, 2016
Dades, Valley, Morocco

Dades, Valley, Morocco









Travel Exploration Morocco Private Tours has been awarded the Trip Advisor 2016 Certificate of Excellence.

The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award is a testament to Travel Exploration’s High Standards and Service provided for Morocco Tours. The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence honors Moroccan Travel Agents and Tour companies that consistently earn top ratings from Trip Advisor travellers. With a perfect rating of 5.0 Travel Exploration Morocco Private Tours has earned a place among the very best.

This achievement is a direct result of Travel Exploration’s consistent great reviews from Morocco travelers who have shared their experiences on Trip Advisor’s website. The Trip Advisor Certificate of Excellence Award is a testament to Travel Exploration’s High Standards and Service provided for couples, family, and small groups tours who have visited Morocco with Travel Exploration. The Trip Advisor award is given annually to exceptional travel agents and Morocco tour operators. TripAdvisor places a spotlight on businesses that are focused on delivering great service to customers.

As a potential Morocco Traveler you can read what travelers who have visited Morocco with Travel Exploration Morocco’s Private Tours say on our Testimonials Trip Advisor page.

For More Information About Travel Tips Before You Go to Morocco or To Receive an Itinerary & Quotation, Visit our BOOK A TOUR page. We are an ASTA Certified Agency.

Travel Tips Before You Go: Morocco Private Tour & Boutique Travel Experiences – From Travel Exploration Morocco Private Tours:

1. Make sure to Book Direct with Travel Exploration. Request a package that is inclusive of a Private, Mutlilingual Speaking Driver, Boutique Riads and Local Historical Guides. Ask for their hand selected options that have been curated by the owner. Our team of expert, licensed Multi-lingual guides and drivers will set in motion a memorable journey.

2. Research the tour offerings online as taking a Morocco Private Tour requires reserach and some planning on your own. Know what you want and decide whether you want an Imperial Cities or Imperial Cities and Sahara Desert Tour. Don’t miss out on the country wide site seeing options that are provided with the 1001 Arabian Nights 12 Day Tour, the Majestic Moroccco 2 Week Tour or if time is limited the One Week in Morocco Tour.

3. Take advantage of being able to book a Morocco Private Tour through a female owned company. Support a woman owned business. The owner of Travel Exploration, Alecia Cohen, is female, and a former magazine publisher, of Global Rhythm magazine and an executive who established Travel Exploration Morocco Private Tours with her Berber partner to show travelers the best of Morocco. Mrs. Cohen has lectured at the World Bank on Culture & Sustainable Development in Africa and has been featured in various print and television venues, including CNN Financial News, Entrepreneurial Edge, Crain’s, Entrepreneur, and The World.

4. Splurge when traveling to Morocco. Stay at Morocccan Riads, Moroccan Boutique Hotels and a Luxury Desert Camp. Don’t miss out on unique opportunities to take a Food Tasting Tour in Fes or Marrakech, a cooking class with a Daada Chef or cruise across the Sahara Dunes on a Quad. The extra spending you invest in on local activites will ensure a richer travel experience.

5. Ask about Restaurant, Shopping and Spa Recommendations. Travel Exploration has their finger on the pulse of all things Moroccan. They can arrange for local lunches with families in Berber villages, a special dinner where you can dine on the best, Moroccan cuisine with locals, or visit up market restaurants where you have an exclusive invite to a Moroccan wine bar. Shop locally or at upmarket boutiques and enjoy a wide range of Moroccan and Hammam/ Spa experiences. Travel Exploration has Insider Guides to Morocco Travel only available to those who book with them.

Morocco has much to offer with it’s wide range of Travel Experiences for Couples, Indipendent Travelers, Families and those interested in visiting for their Honeymoon.

For More Information about Travel Exploration Morocco’s Private Tours to Morocco

Travel Exploration Morocco Travel Excursions & Tours 2010, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Let 2010 be the year you choose to Travel to Morocco! Morocco is a cold country with a hot sun and offers a wide array of exciting travel opportunities. Travel Exploration Morocco’s Excursions and tour include the great Sahara Desert which stands alone offering a majestic beauty that is second to none. The Sahara Desert’s dunes make way for camel treks and 4×4 exploration. Foreigners from abroad come to Morocco to enjoy sunset camel treks to an Oasis where they can have an overnight stay in a traditional bivouac tent in the Sahara Desert, sleep under the stars and explore the Sahara’s unique flora and fauna. The Sahara Desert’s mélange of Berber, Arab (Sahrawi) and Tuareg people give it immense character.


Moroccan travelers who visit the Sahara can pay homage to its history by visiting Saharan Desert towns such as Merzouga, M’hamid, Rissani, Erfoud, the capital of Fossils, and Zagora. The Sahara Desert region continues to produce some of Morocco’s most original silver jewelry, amber and trade beads, handmade wooden items such as mirrors and boxes that have an overlay of animal skin or leather that are painted by the Tuareg people. Sahara artists also produce a stunning array of Berber and Tuareg silver crosses that are indigenous to the Sahara Desert Zagora region.


There is also a rich heritage of weaving traditions in Morocco. The Berber and Tuareg weaving techniques are unique to Southern Morocco and when visiting Morocco for a travel and exploration adventure, make sure to seek out local villages and carpet shops recommended by Travel Exploration in Southern Morocco. The Ouarzazate and Zagora region offer unlimited shopping opportunities for Berber carpets that can be purchased at a reasonable price; with a portion of the proceeds given to local Berber villages.


Other Morocco Tours for the adventure traveler include trekking in the Atlas Mountains of Jbbel Toukbal or spending a week in Morocco to discover Morocco’s Imperial Cities such of Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, Fes, Meknes, the holy city of Moulay Idriss and the Ancient Roman Ruins of Volubilis.

When taking a Morocco Tour to the Imperial cities, it is important to explore Morocco’s old medinas’ (cities), Morocco’s historical monuments, palaces and mosques plus its lush gardens. La Mammounia Hotel & Garden, Le Koutoubia Mosque and Le Koutoubia Garden, the Majorelle Gardens and the Menara Gardens are just a few located in Marrakech that will enable travelers to Morocco to engage in the natural surroundings this unique, modern and moderate Muslim country offers.


When visiting Morocco for a travel and exploration opportunity, don’t miss out on the exploration of Moroccan cuisine for a taste of Morocco and Moroccan music festivals. Morocco’s red hamra city of Marrakech has paved the way for a new style of Moroccan cuisine. Marrakech boasts the hottest restaurants that serve up an mélange of French, Moroccan flavors alongside the trendiest International imported food chains that enable foreign travelers to Morocco and locals to eat sushi, pizza and hamburgers.

Morocco’s music festivals and local mousseums are another travel and exploration opportunity. There are over 50 annual mousseums and music festivals held annually in Morocco. Each mousseum and music festival has a different meaning, theme, and musical repertoire that make them an attractive option for a Morocco Tour.

Imilchil-Wedding Festival

For singles or independent travelers who wish to explore Morocco alone, Travel Exploration Morocco offers specialized tours lead by an English speaking driver and guide for reasonable prices. Travel Exploration Morocco also offers the option of customized, private Morocco group tours. Travel Exploration Morocco Travel guarantees you will discover the best of Morocco while having an up-close, authentic experience with Moroccan people.



M’hamid Sahara – A Morocco excursion from Marrakech that includes a sunset camel trek to the Erg Chegga M’hamid Dunes and visit of Zagora

Merzouga Sahara Desert – An excursion from Marrakech that includes a sunset camel trek over the Erg Chebbi Dunes and sleeping by an Oasis

Zagora Dunes of Tinfo – An excursion from Marrakech that includes visiting Tamagroute, Spiritual Zaouira, Koranic Library and Dunes of Tinfo


M’hamid Sahara – A Morocco excursion from Ouarzazate that includes a sunset camel trek to the Erg Chegga M’hamid Dunes and visit of Zagora

Merzouga Sahara  Desert – An excursion from Ouarzazate that includes a sunset camel trek over the Erg Chebbi Dunes and sleeping by an Oasis

Zagora Dunes of Tinfo – An excursion from Marrakech that includes visiting Tamagroute, Spiritual Zaouira, Koranic Library and Dunes of Tinfo



Ait Benhaddou – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Oasis of Fint – An Oasis Just 20 Minutes from Ouarzazate

Mount Mgoun & Bouthgrar – Valley of Nomads

Dades Valley – Dades Pins and windy roads

Todra Gorge – A spectacle of immense colored rock

Skoura – A Palmary With One thousand Kasbahs




Ancient Kasbahs & Waterfalls – Visit Ait Benhaddou, Kasbah Taouirirt, Kasbah Amerdihl, the Cascades D’Ouzoue, Oum er Rbia

High Atlas Trekking Jbel Toukbal – Journey to Imlil and Trek to Jbel Toukbal, Overnight in Berber villages, and Summit at sunrise

Magical Sahara Desert – Discover the Sahara Desert on a one-week journey that takes you to Southern Morocco’s Sahara towns and a camel trek

Berber Village Discovery – A week with the Berbers – Discover how the indigenous people of Morocco live in ancient Kasbahs in a community

Discover Ouarzazate – The best of Ouarzazate, this Morocco tour offers a true Southern Morocco trip of this region



Pottery & Zellij Design Tour – A journey into the world of Marrakech, Fes and Zaogra’s Pottery and Zellij tile making traditions

Cuisine Tours – The Hottest cuisine and Moroccan food from fresh market souk, straight to your plate. Learn how to cook Moroccan style



Fes Festival of Sacred Music Tour – The 16th Edition of this famous Sacred World Music Celebration and VIP passes plus front stage seats

The Gnaoua Festival of World Music Tour – Spend your holiday seaside, exploring Portuguese Ramparts in Essaouira and the Gnaoua Festival

Sufi Festival – An ancient tradition of Sufi Music celebrated in Fes, a UNESCO World Heritage site each year, trance-like music Sufi-style



Aid Al Adha / A’d el-Khebir – Commemoration of Abrahams sacrifice
Imilchil Marriage Festival– A Marriage Festival held in the Atlas Mountains

Meknes Equestrian Mousseum – A traditional Fantasia Equestrian Horse Extravaganza
El Kella des Mgouna – Valley of Roses, A Rose festival celebrated each year where the Ms. Roses is chosen

Goulimine – A fair for camel traders

Sefrou – A Festival of the cherry harvest
Setti Fatma – The most popular moussem held in the Ourika valley

Moulay Idriss Zerhoun – Moussem of Moulay Idriss, the patron saint of Fes The Date Festival – Held in Erfoudz

Ramadan – Month of fasting where Muslims honor the holy holiday with special foods eaten in the evening and meals after sunset only

Eid al Fitr – End of Ramadan, a celebration of “meat” and the confidence and honor that Ramadan has been fulfilled

For more information about a Travel Exploration Morocco Travel Excursion or Tour for 2010

For more information about Travel and Tours to Morocco plus highlights on Moroccan culture visit Morocco’s Imperial CitiesSeaside Resorts,Sahara DesertBerber villagesA Taste of MoroccoMagical Kasbahs, Ruins & WaterfallsAbsolute Morocco, The Best of MarrakechFes, and Ouarzazate.

Discover The Best of Morocco - Travel Exploration

Travel Exploration specializes in Morocco Travel. We provide Tours and travel opportunities to Morocco for the independent traveler and tailor-made tours for families and groups with a distinctly unique flavor. From Morocco’s Seven Imperial Cities, to the Magical Sahara Travel Exploration offers a captivating experience that will inspire you. At Travel Exploration we guarantee that you will discover the best of Morocco! Call Travel Exploration at 1 (800) 787-8806  or 1 (917)703-2078  and let’s book a tour to Morocco for you today.

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