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Ziplining at Terres D’Amanar, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Thursday, May 3rd, 2012

Ziplining at Terres D'Amanar

Terres D’Amanar is a stunning estate located at the foothills of  Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, just 30 minutes outside of Marrakech. Terres D’Amanar abuts the pristine forests of Toubkal National Park. Ziplining at Terres D’Amanar is one of the many activities that can be done during a Marrakech Tour extension or during a Morocco Tour. The Terres d’Amanar estate is a grand example of  ecotourism in Morocco done at its best. Terres d’Amanar is suitable for families, couples and groups.

Some of the activities offered on an extended Marrakech Tour by Terres D’Amanar are Zip-lining across Terres d’Amanar’s famous 700-foot gorge, Tree-to-tree zip-lining at the tree-top adventure park and Mountain biking through the Atlas foothills. At Terres D’Amanar Morocco adventure travelers can also cross the Tyrol suspension and tight-rope bridges, hike and trek on foot, horse or mule, participate in Berber bowling, archery, falconry and polo on mule-back. To top this off Terres D’Amanar offers Berber weaving demonstrations along with Moroccan cuisine and tea-making workshops.

On a Morocco Terres D’Amanar  can easily be incorporated as a one or two day excursion from Marrakech as they offer an  outdoor guest house that sprawls across its property guaranteeing accommodation in a quiet and serene atmosphere. The food at Terres D’Amanar is prepared by Berber women from neighboring Douars. One of Terres D’Amanar’s key highlights is that is is a project designed in partnership with local Moroccans. The staff at Terres D’Amanar are locals from surrounding villages and the project itself supports over 150 Moroccan families. If you’re looking for a place to participate in adventure activities in Morocco that has a fair trade motto then Terres D’Amanar is the place to be.

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