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Morocco Travel Blog & Morocco Blogs Nominated for 2011 Bombies, Your Morocco Travel Guide Morocco

Monday, December 13th, 2010

Morocco Travel Blog Nominated For the "Morocco Blogs Bombies 2011"

Morocco Travel Blog, A Sensual Journey Into Morocco has been nominated for Best of Morocco Blogs 2011. The first annual Best of Morocco Blog Awards (aka The Bombies) were a huge success in 2010 with more than 1500 votes cast, major media attention around the world, and major prizes donated by Morocco Blogs generous sponsors. Morocco Travel Blog is proud to be a part of this literary and Internet effort to expand Morocco Blog contents and information about the country on the Internet. Morocco Blogs will begin the voting process on January 7th, 2011 and the nominations will be closed a few days prior.

Morocco Travel Blog was created in December 2008 by Alecia Cohen, a Moroccan Travel Specialist and former magazine publisher at Zenbu Media and of Global Rhythm magazine in the United States. Moroccco Travel Blog seeks to cover a wide variety of travel stories and culture ranging from Moroccan history, Moroccan culture, up and coming events, Morocco Tour ideas along with the Best Restaurants in Morocco and Best Riads in Morocco. A Sensual Journey to Morocco through stories and photographs is what Morocco Travel Blog is all about.

With so many new travel blogs on the frontier and blog software available to enhance blogs, what is still lacking are travel blogs that are written not only with passion, but those that include journalistic and photographic expertise on Morocco travel, the culture and its people.

Morocco Travel Blog seeks not only to offer an authentic reading and visual online experience but to take its readership into another world where they can instantly become an arm chair traveler on a Moroccan Adventure to the Sahara, an exploration to Morocco’s Imperial Cities or journey into the lives of Nomads in Berber Villages within the Middle Atlas Mountains of Southern Morocco. Morocco Travel Blog is the perfect read for those who are interested and passionate about the Maghreb.

Morocco Travel Blog would like to offer Congratulations and support to the winners and nominees of the 2010 Bombies. The following is the complete list of nominees in the order that they finished. Morocco Travel Blog was so pleased to be nominated in 2010 and 2011.

Category: Best Overall Morocco Blog
The View From Fez WINNER
Evelyn in Morocco
Ibn Ibn Batutta
760 Days in Morocco
Eat Bees Blog Braveheart Does the Maghreb
My Marrakesh Culture Vultures Fez
Everything Morocco
Cat in Rabat Dar Mystere

Category: Best Personal Morocco Blog
Pres du Puis WINNER
Evelyn in Morocco
The Good Life in Morocco
My Marrakesh Vie Au Maroc
Reflections and Experiences in Al Maghreb al AqsaThe Magic of My Universe OC Lynn in Morocco
Dar Mystere
The Struggling Travel Writer

Category: Best Morocco Culture Blog
Culture Vultures Fez WINNER
Morocco Time Moroccan Design
Fez Travel Guide Bissaha
Sou Sou Kitchen
Marrakech Xanthe Pat
Llala Lydia
Max’s Kitchen

Category: Best Morocco News Blog
The View from Fez WINNER
Morocco Times Blog
A Moroccan About the World About him
Eat Bees Blog Maghreb Voices

Category: Best Morocco Travel Blog
The Elephant Cloud WINNER
Morocco Travel Blog
The Elephant Cloud
Morocco A Go-Go
Donniell heads to Morocco
Travels with Kylie
Ben in Morocco
Oh Hey I’m in Morocco
Hey Morocco

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