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Casablanca Tour of Derb Ghallef, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Derb Ghallef, Casablanca Flea Market

One of Morocco’s little known city sites where old world tradition and modern technology meet hand in hand is Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef. Derb Ghallef in Casablanca is worth visiting on a one-day Casablanca Tour. Derb Ghallef is essentially an enormous flea market and the center of distribution for black market goods and services in Casablanca, Morocco. The noise and bustle of the auction block, the bargain prices of the flea market and its goods are defining features of today’s Derb Ghallef. There is no better way to see a live flea market on a Casablanca Tour then Derb Ghallef.

Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef is a world renown microcosm for how informal markets function in developing economies. The Derb Ghallef has over 2,000 outlets that are located in narrow alleyway and looks like a shantytown. Most of the stores in Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef occupy not much more then 12 square meters, and are made of tin, zinc and wood.


Casablanca Tour Derb Ghallef Visit

Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef even has a mosque with a its minaret made from green-painted cardboard and found materials. Derb Ghallef is not even o the electrical grid so to speak yet it generates over 140 million USA Dollars annually.

The history behind Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef is nothing less then fascinating. Derb Ghallef began in the 1920’s as a shantytown near the center of Casablanca, as a result of rural migration and an increasing birth rate in the region.

Subsequent to a welder accidentally burning down the area in the 1950’s, Casablanca’s Derb Ghallef resettled at a nearby site, where they created a flea-market and auction house for used goods.

Derb Ghallef has no land rights and is not an authorized site of business. It has been a controversial place for decades that has breaded ground for corrupt officials to take advantage of the proceeds.

In late 1982 a suspicious fire was set and the merchants had to set up in a nearby space and have remained their since. There are several advantages of shopping at Derb Ghallef on a one-day Casablanca Tour. The market is a one-stop shopping destination like Wal-Mart or Carrefour with unique Moroccan resold goods

The merchants of Derb Ghallef have created a nexus of commercial and technological innovation and a paradise of smuggled, pirated, and counterfeit goods.

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