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Luxury Hotels of Morocco, Your Morocco Tour Guide

Friday, November 2nd, 2012

Majestic Riad Fes

Morocco is moderate, Muslim country located in North Africa that is rich in history, steeped in culture, exotic cuisine and natural wonders. When traveling to Morocco there are many luxury hotels to stay at during a Morocco Tour. First in Morocco are its Luxury Riads that offer amenities on par with a luxury hotel. Morocco’s Riads boast beautiful courtyards and incredible architecture. Staying at a luxury Riad in Morocco can offer a top quality experience, equivalent to a luxury hotel.

The word Riad comes from the Arabian term for garden “ryad.” Travel in Morocco is not complete without a luxury Riad experience. Whether you are taking a Morocco Tour to the Imperial Cities, Old Medinas, the Sahara Desert, the Ouarzazate region or the Atlas Mountains there are countless opportunities to stay at luxury hotels and riads in Morocco

Luxury Hotels in Morocco can be found in all Moroccan Cities and in rural areas of the Moroccan country side.

Some of the Best Luxury Hotels of Morocco are Riads:

Magnificent Riad Kniza, Courtyard

Marrakech Luxury Hotels

Riad Kniza
 Dating from the 18th century, Riad Kniza is a luxury Riad in Marrakech located in heart of the medina not far from the top Marrakech sites, monuments, mosques and gardens. This top end Riad has traditional Moroccan furniture and décor with luxurious bathrooms and a beautiful roof terrace for evening tea or dining. Riad Kniza offers Wifi and has a host of other amenities including a swimming pool, spa and wellness center. Riad Kniza is an idea place to stay for those interested in an authentic luxury Riad experience and one that is complimented by beautiful architecture and traditional Fes Moroccan fabrics.

Riad Les Jardin De La Medina
Les Jardins de la Medina is a stunning luxury Marrakech Riad that combines modern amenities with Modern Moroccan décor. Located in Kasbah, a quiet region of the old Marrakech Medina, Les Jardin boats lush gardens with old palms, orange, olive and jacaranda trees. The food is fresh and service impeccable. This quiet oasis away from the hustle and bustle of Marrakech is the perfect place to stay on a Morocco Tour.

Sultana Marrakech
Riad Le Sultana is one of Marrakech’s hidden jewels for luxury accommodations. Located near the Saadisn tombs, Sultana is comprised of five separate Riads that have been elegantly pieced together with open-air patios and expansive, charming roof terraces with palms and Marrakech orange trees. Sultana is a sophisticated Riad and has successfully created an ambiance that is serene with it’s tasteful mélange of European décor and furniture complimented by Moroccan fabric and tilework using traditional craftsmanship. The staff matches the environment offering a perfect lusury Moroccan Riad experience.

Fes Luxury Hotels

Riad Fes
Riad Fes is in the Medina’s Batha region of Fes. This Riad offers and idea mix of Moroccan traditional architecture with a tasteful and luxurious modern touch. Originally a Moroccan Riad that lacked a modern setting, Riad Fes’ owners set out to expand Riad Fes whereby to offer a unique mix of the traditional with ultra modern. New additions to this luxury Riad in Fes are a swimming pool surrounded by a garden terrace, chic European outdoor furniture and a modern Spa along with a wing of newly designed rooms. Every room in Riad Fes also offers en-suite bathrooms with air conditioning/ heating and a full mini bar. Riad Fes is a 1st category Riad within the luxury offerings in Fes when it comes to living up to the Relais Cheateaux name.

Riad Myra
Riad Myra is one of the last true architectural gems where guests can stay in Fes. This first class Fassis Riad  has stunning Andalusian architecture and a magnificent courtyard surrounded by greenery and an old world fountain. Owned by the Chab family (owners of Al Fassia Restaurants in Marrakech and Bled Al Fassia) Riad Myra is the best remaining example of a traditional, three floor authentic family ryad – home -that was originally restored with care by the best zellij tile masters and top cedar carvers in Fes. Each of Riad Myra’s suites and rooms are ornately arranged with four poster beds, a Moroccan salon and en suite bathrooms along with antique fixtures complimented by modern amenities for complete comfort. Suites and rooms at the Riad are also decorated with traditional French armoires and desks with brass lighting fixtures made for a Queen. Upon arrival guests receive Fes pastries, water and a fruit basket that will last their entire stay.  A night or two or even three or four at Riad Myra will take anyone back into a one-thousand-and one-nights 18th Century Arabian fantasy. Riad Myra’s rich, elegant Fassis fabrics used in its dining room, library and luxurious rooms and suites are lush.  Riad Myra also has authentic paintings that surround it’s Riad walls and can easily lay claim to offering some of the best cuisine at any Riad in Fes. Myra does it best with their dinner arrangement of original Fes cuisine including a meza of salads, option of chick and lemon or for vegetarians an artichoke tajine with orange canelle with cinnamon for desert. To boot this Riad has an attentive staff that caters to guest needs and a concierge that dresses in traditional Fassis wears with pointy yellow baboosh. For an authentic 1st star  experience of luxury comfort and cuisine Riad Myra is the place to stay in Fes.

Palais Ferraj
Palais Ferraj is a new luxury Hotel and the first of its kind in Fes. Located in the Bab Ziat district and just a 10 minute walk from the Blue Gate in Fes. When entering Palais Ferraj one is reminded of being in an Arab-Moorish palace. Much of the decor is distinctly modern with fabrics imported from France and Italy. Palais Ferraj has one of the best views in Fes from it’s stunning bar- restaurant and visit for an elegant Moroccan dinner. For those looking to stay in Fes in luxury hotel and not be in the heart of the medina Palais Ferraj offers the best of all worlds. At Palais Ferraj there are no standard rooms as the starting accommodation is a Junior Suite. All Junior Suites and other Suites in this luxury hotel boast Moroccan Zellij tile work, a mini bar, flat-screen TV with satellite channels and private bathrooms fit for the Pacha. At Palais Ferraj you can consider shopping until you drop in Fes as each room also features an impeccably designed closet with space to stay for a week or more. Palais Ferraj also offers an outdoor pool, Moroccan Hammam, Luxury Spa facilities and massage treatments utilizing Morocco’s best rose, argan and other oils.

Stunning Kasbah Riad Ksar Ighnda

Ksar Ighnda
Riad Ksar Ighnda is located jut footsteps from the UENSCO World Heritage site, Ait Benhaddou and 25 minutes from Ouarzazate’s city center. Riad Ksar Ignda overlooks the Atlas Mountains and has terraces views of Ait Benhaddou. This 5 Star Luxury riad offers a modern setting combined with traditional Moroccan architecture and Berber textiles. Ksar Ighnda blends perfectly with the Ouarzazate Sahara region environment. Bedrooms are spacious, with en suite private bathrooms, air conditioning, heating, satellite TV, DVD/ CD player and mini bar. Ksar Ighnda offers meals made with local produce and has a swimming pool and a Moroccan Spa (Hammam) and Jacuzzi. This Riad is the top place to stay in the Ouarzazate region and an ideal spot for those who want to spend a few days down time during a journey in the midst of peace and nature.

Riad Temple Des Arts
Temple Des Arts is a 5-star luxury Riad is conveniently located in the heart of Ouarzazate, just 25 minutes from Ait Benhaddou. This uniquely designed Luxury Riad with a film theme decor is on par with a luxury hotel offering standard rooms and suites in a quiet setting with complimentary Wi-Fi and flat-screen TV’s. Hotel Riad Le Temple Des Arts features an outdoor pool, a spa and wellness center along with a traditional Moroccan Hammam. Traditional decor combines unique elements of painted walls with Moroccan tradition, Buddha statues and slick marble bathrooms. Most of the rooms have a balcony that overlooks the garden or swimming pool. Hotel Temple Des Arts offers gourmet meals and is the most suitable Riad in Ouarzazate for those who want luxury amenities in a unique setting yet don’t want to stay at a local Southern Morocco Guest House.

Dades Valley Luxury Hotels

Xaluca Kasbah & Spa – Dades Valley & Erfoud
Xaluca Kasbah & Spa is a luxury hotel in Southern Morocco with views of the Dades Valley
. It’s sister property located in Erfoud offers similar luxuries however lacks the view being it is located in a Sahara Desert town which is referred to as “The Door to the Desert.” Xaluca Dades Valley has African decor, a Moroccan Spa, *Hammam, swimming pool, bar and one of the best buffet’s in the region. Xaluca Dades Valley is set within the Tinerhir provence and is the best place to stay for a wide range of amenities, location and excellent staff service in the region.

Casablanca Luxury Hotel

Elegant Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche

Sofitel Blanche Casablanca
Sofitel Blanche Casablanca is a new five star luxurious hotel located just foot steps from the train station, the Habous market and the Casablanca Medina. Sofitel Blanche Casablanca is the ideal place to stay during a one-day Casablanca tour or on a visit to Morocco when needing to overnight in Casablanca. The rooms combine luxury modern comforts with Moroccan decor. One of the Sofitel Blancha Casablanca suites has impeccable views of the Hassan II Mosque and boasts glass windows that offer some of the best views in Casablanca. Wifi is available throughout this upscale luxury Moroccan Hotel property and the breakfast buffet is fit for a King and Queen.

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