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Why Honeymoon in Morocco? How to Celebrate & Where to Go

Monday, September 26th, 2016
Honeymoon in Morocco, Luxury Property Oualidia

Honeymoon in Morocco, Luxury Property Oualidia








If you are looking for the ideal Honeymoon destination that offers a combination of romannce, discovery, nighlife and authenticity Morocco should be on your bucketlist. With only one week in to celebrate your honeymoon, Morocco offers a myiad of options and many places to go for a lifetime memorable travel experience. Honeymooners can stay at stylish Luxury Moroccan riads and boutique hotels, enjoy a Moroccan Hammam with rose petals, essential oils, argan oils and orange water, take a private cooking class with a Daada Chef or check into a mountain hideaway just for two. Travel to Morocco for a Honeymoon or MiniMoon and revel in Candlelight Dinners, a Secret Spot to Picnic in the Ourika Valley or Lunch on a Private Beach. The bustling Souks of Marrakech and the serene rural spaces of Morocco await you.

Why Honeymoon in Morocco?

5 Ways to  Celebrate Your Honeymoon in Morocco – What to Do and Where to Go:

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp, Morocco Honeymoon

Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp, Morocco Honeymoon








Escape to the Moroccan Sahara Desert for a Safari
Visit Morocco’s South and desert region. Explore Ait Ben haddou Ksar and Kasbah Telouet. Go back in time and travel through the Draa Valley region. Venture by pise through the old road of the caravans. Discover a region that once had Moroccan pirates raid caravans for dates and other valuable old world goods. Visit Skoura and the Valley of One Thousand Kasbahs. Bask in the Valley of Roses and if traveling in April see first hand the crowning of the Rose Queen. Travel to the Dades Valley and sip tea with Nomads in Caves. Take a Sahara Desert Safari in the Erg Chebbi Dunes. Trek in the Sahara desert to an Oasis and experience an 1001 Arabian Nights dinner and music experience in the heart of the dunes under the Moroccan stars. Have lunch and bake bread with a Berber family on volcanic rock. Partake in your own private henna party. All of these activities can be done with one week in Morocco or more!

Honeymoon Morocco, Coastal Essaouira

Honeymoon Morocco, Coastal Essaouira









Go Coastal to the Artist Colony of Essaouira
Explore this Portuguese fishing village that is full of charm with its old ramparts, art galleries and glorious sunsets. Explore the Jewish Mellah, the blue washed doors, Orson Welles square and the numerous outdoor grills where you can have fresh fish with seaviews. Old Mogador is the ideal place for relaxation on a Honeymoon in Morocco. It’s laid back atmosphere, gentle local population and Moorish architecture make for the charmed experience. For honeymooners who want to venture outside of the Essaouira medina walls there is the beach of Sidi Kaouki, Ranch of Diabat and Moulay Bouzerktoun all less then an hour by car. Essaouira also offers  day trips for honeymooners to a local Frommagerie and a winery for an afternoon filled with lunch and wine tasting.

Honeymoon in Morocco, Food Tour, Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Mouttaki

Honeymoon in Morocco, Food Tour, Photograph Courtesy of Amanda Mouttaki











Exotic Eats in Mararkech and Fes with Savory Food Tours
Honeymooners in Morocco are guaranteed an exotic foodie experience of savory delights. A Food Tour in Marrakech and a Food Tour in Fes are two options for afternoon or evening exploration of what the locals eat. Eat your way through Morocco on a Marrakech Food Tour. Discover the world of spices and their uses and the secrets of the tea den under the guidance of a culinary leader and story-teller. Or learn to bake bread in the 400 year old community oven with the baker overseeing your hands-on efforts. Take your hot bread to the honey souk to try it with 8 artisanal wild honeys, aged butter or khlia, spicy dried beef. You might try cooking ‘on-street’. Shop and fill up a terracotta urn ‘tanjia’ to have embedded in the hot ashes of the furnachi for a rich and spicy Moroccan casserole. Try Moroccan harira soup, sardine meatballs, two varieties of lamb, smoothies, a Moroccan doughnut, simmering hot mint tea or a local sweet and more!  

Morocco Honeymoon Retreat, High Atlas Mountains

Morocco Honeymoon Retreat, High Atlas Mountains








A Mountain Hideaway in the Middle of the High Atlas
Honeymoon in Morocco at a mountain hideaway in the Atlas. It’s something that you will not regret. Richard Branson’s Kasbah Tamadot is idea for honeymooners that want a secluded experience with top end luxury. For more down to earth honeymooners the option to stay at Kasbah Toubkal or Dar Imlil, two other secluded properties nestled in a region of Berber villages can provide for an authentic stay. Morocco’s High Atlas offers trekking experiences. Honeymooners can summit Kasbah Toubkal, the second highest mountain to Kilamanjaro or simply hike in and around the mountains. On a mountain hide away adventure your private day trip will allow you to venture into Berber Village by foot and lunch by candle light with a Berber family in their mountain home. You can visit a village of weavers and learn how lcoal carpets are made.

Moroccan Hammam, Couples Honeymoon Experience

Moroccan Hammam, Couples Honeymoon Experience








Get the Royal Treatment in a Moroccan Hammam
The perfect Honeymoon in Morocco is not complete without the Royal treatment at a Moroccan hammam.Moroccans from all walks of life use hamams as a method of self-cleansing or as a social event. During your visit make sure to carve out time to spend an afternoon taking in this traditional Moroccan experience. At a Moroccan hammam you can have a royal massage with argan oil and orange or rose water. Almond oil rubs and other essential oils will be used. Your scrub down at a Moroccan hammam will remove all of the dead skin and wipe away the past.  Both sides of your body with a rough flat glove called a kiis. If you find this a little invasive, then you can bring your own kiis. Royal Moroccan Hammams can be enjoyed at La Mamounia, Heritage Spa, La Maison Arabe, Le Bains Des Marrakech or even your Moroccan Riad.

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Moroccan Wine Guide, Choosing The Best Moroccan Wine, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Saturday, May 29th, 2010

Moroccan Grape Preparation For Wine Making Process

Restaurant menus and wine shops in Morocco present travelers with an astounding array of choice in excellent Moroccan wines.  But where should the person unfamiliar with Moroccan wines begin?  This article will provide a starting point and serve as a Moroccan Wine Guide by recommending some inexpensive good-value Moroccan wines.

Morocco has been a leading wine producer and its bold red and white grapes have become popular among the French, Americans and within Modern Moroccan households. When the French colonized Morocco, like the Romans centuries before them, they realized Morocco’s possibility of being a wine country. The French developed Meknès, a Moroccan Imperial City, into a wine region. Today 30,000 acres of land in Morocco contribute to wine production and Morocco sells over 40 million bottles within Morocco and abroad. Moroccan wine is in a state of revival and wine producers are taking advantage of the country’s sunny, mild temperate climate, and high altitudes.

Although most Moroccans do not drink alcohol due to religious prohibitions, Moroccoprovides a home to groups of ex-patriots and foreigners from France, England, America, Spain, Germany and Italy who enjoy healthy alcohol consumption. Wine production has greatly assisted in Morocco’s tourism sector and created much needed jobs. Close to 10,000 Moroccans are employed through the wine-making industry within the fourteen regions of Morocco. The fourteen wine making regions of Morocco  are Agadir, Boulaouane, Casablanca, Fes, Kenitra, Marrakech, Melilla, Meknes, Ouarzazate, Rabat, Safi, Sidi Ifni, Tangier, and Tetouan.

Map of the Fourteen Wine-Growing Regions of Morocco

Even though Morocco has fourteen wine-growing districts, wines from some of these regions are not widely available. Some common, easily-found appellations includeGerrouaneBeni MTtirBenslimane, and Zenatta. (Gerrouane and Beni M’Tir alone account for over sixty percent of Moroccan wine production.)

The Beni M’Tir Wine-Growing Region of Morocco

Moroccan Guide To Inexpensive Red Wines:

For anyone wanting to sample a good standard Moroccan red; or when ordering for a group of red wine drinkers of varying tastes, it’s hard to go wrong with Cuvée du Cabernet President Rouge:

This garnet-colored red wine (left) hints of orange, lemon, and bramble fruits.  A medium-bodied wine,it has good complexity, without being too heavy or too light.  It is rich and robust, with a lingering finish.

For those who prefer a heavy-bodied (14%), plum-tasting wine, Bonassia Cabernet Sauvingon (right) is a better choice. Bonassia is a rich and smooth opaque deep ruby-violet, tasting of black currants with hints of vanilla and nutmeg with a floral finish.  It is an exceptionally good value, and one of my personal favorites.  Matured in stainless steel for three months, and subsequently aged in oak.

For wine drinkers who enjoy Merlots and Syrahs, excellent inexpensive choices exist in Moroccco:

The Halana Merlot is a deep garnet-colored wine, tasting of raspberry, floral (jasmine and violet), and a hint of spice.  The Halana Syrah tastes of plum and raspberry, licorice, and cinnamon.  It also tends to be heavy with tannins.

Vineyards in Meknes

Moroccan Guide To Inexpensive Rosé Wines:

The Thalvin Boulaouane Vin Gris (left) is an especially good value and a personal favorite of mine.  It is a light wine, tasting of floral and honeysuckle, raspberry and citrus, with a pleasingly long floral length.

The Halana Syrah Rosé is medium-bodied, and stands up well to meat courses.  It tastes of rose petals, strawberry, melon and peach, and of robust minerals.

The “S” de Siroua Cabernet Sauvingnon Rosé (moderately priced in stores at about 120 Dirhams, or 12 Euros, and the most expensive wine listed in this article) is reminiscent of strawberry jam, and also a personal favorite of mine.

Grapes Being Harvested “by Hand” in Meknes

On most bottles of Moroccan wine, you will find the French words “vendage à la main,” which means “harvested by hand.”  According to the growers, this not only provides jobs for many Moroccans, but gives a superior quality to the wine when compared with mechanical harvesting methods.

Moroccan Guide To Inexpensive White Wines:

If you enjoy white wine, a light and refreshing Moroccan white you can try, which seems to please most palates,  is Thalvin Cuvée du President Sémaillon (no photo available).  It is reminiscent of green apples, light minerals, and grapefruit.

Another fresh and clean-tasting Moroccan white is Special Coquillages, found on many hotel and restaurant menus.  It tastes of green apple  citrus, and minerals, with a hint of grapefruit, and having very long length.

Cap Blanc (no photo available) is another similar white also found on many hotel and restaurant menus.  It is a pleasing and inexpensive wine tasting of grapefruit, honeysuckle, and minerals.

If you are interested in visiting the wine-growing regions of Morocco, why not book your next private tour with Travel Exploration?

For more information about Moroccan Wine, visiting the region of Meknes or a Morocco Wine Tour

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Travel Exploration specializes in Morocco Travel. We provide Tours and travel opportunities to Morocco for the independent traveler and tailor-made tours for families and groups with a distinctly unique flavor. From Morocco’s Seven Imperial Cities, to the Magical Sahara Travel Exploration offers a captivating experience that will inspire you. At Travel Exploration we guarantee that you will discover the best of Morocco! Call Travel Exploration at 1 (800) 787-8806  or 1 (917)703-2078  and let’s book a tour to Morocco for you today.

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