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Best Regions for Trekking in Morocco

Sunday, March 29th, 2015
High Atlas Hiking, Toubkal

High Atlas Hiking, Toubkal








Morocco is a trekker’s paradise with its diverse scenery and various levels of difficulty. With hundreds of miles to cover and many trekking paths in every region Morocco is a top choice for those looking to experience a trekking adventure. The best regions to trek in Morocco are the High Atlas, Anti Atlas, and the Great North.  In the High Atlas you can climb a mountain or walk in the Ourika Valley or in the beautiful village of Ouirgane gateway to scenic walks in the fields and forests of the Toubkal National Park and meet the local Berber people in their villages . To have these trekking opportunities so close to Europe means that a world of adventure awaits you with snow capped mountain peaks like Jebel Toubkal at 4167 meter canyons, rivers and waterfalls and the forests in the National Parks with their wildlife. If you want a day’s walk from the village of Azimiz or a ten day trek with an English speaking guide, these can be easily arranged and pre booked during a tailor made private trekking tour to Morocco.

Marrakech is within an hour or two’s reach of most trekking destinations. For serious trekkers a summit to Mount Toubkal can be arranged with a professional Berber guide who specialists in summiting Kasbah Toubkal. A Berber guide arranges a planned route and along with all equipment necessary for a 3 day summit. For a 3 day summit a combination of things to bring would be trekking boots, a good sized backpack, layers or clothing appropriate for three seasons, windbreaker and water bottles. On a 3 Day summit to Kasbah Toubkal you will stay in a Gitape at night and trek during the day with all local meals being served in Berber villages by locals and at the Gitape. Mule is included for equipment during your trek and led by your Berber guide.

Trekking is an all year round activity in Morocco however in the winter months you will encounter snow on the High Atlas and freezing temperature. The best time for trekking in Morocco is April to June when the weather is temperate and spring flowers carpet the valley floors.

Cedar Forrest Monkeys Ifrane

Cedar Forrest Monkeys Ifrane









Another region famous for trekking Jbel Saghro. Jbel Saghro at 2,712 meters is less than 100 km south of the central High Atlas and overlooks the the Draa Valley and Dades valley in the Anti-Atlas. Jbel Saghro’s barren volcanic rock and deep ravines is home to the famous Ait Atta tribe. During a trek in the Jbel Saghro region you time is made to have lunch with a Berber family in Ait Ouzzine, a small village located in the Nkob region.

Located between the High Atlas and Anti-Atlas, Jbel Siroua at 3,305 is another prehistoric volcanic region perfect for trekking. The area extends over 350 km with valleys and canyons and fields on the mountain slopes. You can have fine views of the Jebel Mgoun at 4,068 meters in the Sous Massa Draa region and the picturesque Ait Bougmez valley some four hours from Marrakech. From Jbel Siroua trekking to Merzouga and the surrounding area is possible for those interest in desert scenery and a camel trek in the Sahara with a Nomadic guide.

An alternative to trekking in Southern Morocco is the option to trek in the Rif Mountain region which is not part of the Atlas Mountain chain. In North of Morocco the nature offers a different environment for trekking. In the South it is arid and dry with valley views whereas in the North the trekking offer lush, green views as this region receives far more rain then the South of Morocco trekking.

 Talassemtane National Park, Chefchaouen Region

Talassemtane National Park, Chefchaouen Region











In Morocco’s North, there are fabulous vistas, streams and lakes with great forests of cedar, oak and fir in the Talassemtane National Park, at Jebel Taloussisse and Jebel Lakraa. During a Northern Morocco trekking experience you will see Barbary Apes, eopards, wild boars, eagles, lizards and many species butterflies. You can also meet the local Berber population who till the fields in small villages and hamlets amidst the forests. The Northern part of Morocco is a less frequented trekking area by tourists than in the south of Morocco and offers an enchanting and peaceful trekking experience. The Berbers travel by donkey or on foot and vehicles area rare sight.

A Rif Mountain to the Jbel Lakraa Summit which is at 2154Meters is the ideal trek in this region. Trekkers can hike to the highest Summit in Talassemtane National Park through a magnificent Cedar Forrest.

Regardless of your level of experience and fitness, Morocco offers many options for trekkers alike.

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