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Morocco Sahara Desert Camps, Standard or Luxury Bivouac

Friday, May 31st, 2013

Sahara Desert Luxury Bivouac Camp

When visiting the  Morocco Sahara desert or Merzouga, M’hamid or Zagora you will be offered the option of a standard or luxury tent. When you go on a camel trek or by a 4X4 in the Moroccan Sahara there are many options of places to stay. There is a wide range of Standard bivouac camps, several top end Luxury Bivouac Camps and also Luxury Guest Houses all worth while of consideration.

Depending on the amount of time you want to stay in the desert and your desire for privacy it may be worth your while considering a luxury tent or bivouac. There are a number of standing camps and the luxury ones are private, usually for two  or more people with superior furnishing and bedding , showers and a toilet and a tent or area  for relaxing. Meals are provided. If you plan a romantic night under the stars (there are special honeymoon tents) or you want to enjoy the desert in comfort, this is for you, but the experience comes at a price. The campsites which offer luxury tents include  Le Belle Etoille, Travel Exploration Morocco, Assou, Les Nomade and Le Red Sand Luxury Desert Camp. At these Morocco Sahara Desert Luxury camps the tents have been designed by top French interior designers. They have 6 tents of around 30 square meters. Each tent has its own bathroom (hot/cold running water) and toilets. This is a permanent camp offering tailor made excursions for relaxing, or more adventurous desert tourism with various sporting activities.

 The  Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp, can accommodate 16 people in 8 tents. The tents are spacious (25 sq m) with the highest quality mattresses, linen and pillows, whilst each tent is equipped with ‘wall-to-wall rugs’, solar-powered lighting and handcrafted furniture. Each tent has en suite facilities. For those seeking privacy, the Erg Chigaga Luxury Camp has two private camps each situated within a 15-minute walk from the main camp. Each camp consists of two luxury en suite tents and a separate relaxing tent, nestled in the dunes.

 For those that want a trip deep into the Sahara desert and to sleep in a different locations each night, they have a nomadic camp for camel treks of 3 and 4 days’ duration. These are also privately run trips, with each camp accommodating between 2 and 4 guests. The nomadic camps are ‘semi-luxury’, with a comfortable bed and fresh linen, private bathroom, Moroccan lounge and cold drinks.

Sahara Desert Morocco Standard Bivouac Camp

The standard  berber tent  is simply a tent  to sleep in for the night without any other facilities. These may be out in the desert but most are in regular camping sites which have shared facilities showers and toilets.

The standard camps are large and shared with other tourists who often stay in local hotels and visit the campsite for a night out in the desert with a meal and entertainment with traditional music and dancing  which can go on late into the night.

You need to make quite certain about  what services  and excursions are offered  including a luxury or standard tent, meals, availability of bottled water  excursions  by camel or 4X 4 and pick up and drop for your onward journey.  All this should be agreed beforehand so ask your travel agent to agree the details. If you are agreeing a deal either with a tour company in Marrakech or actually at Merzouga you need to confirm all the details very carefully before you pay for the trip. You can also stay in a desert camp near Marrakech in the Agafay area an hour’s drive from Marrakech if you do not have time to visit  the desert locations in Merzouga, Zagora or M’hamid.

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Short Breaks & Excursions to Morocco’s Sahara Desert, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Sunday, December 6th, 2009

The Sahara Desert is one of the top Morocco travel destinations for westerners.  If you are traveling to Morocco for the holiday season or for a long needed vacation, a short break or excursion to Morocco’s Sahara Desert should be top on your list! Here is a list of the 5 most important things to consider when traveling to the Sahara plus an overview of various Moroccan tour itineraries to the Sahara Desert.

The Top 5 Things To Consider When Planning Your Sahara Desert Short Break or Excursion:

#1: Morocco’s Sahara Desert is wide and vast. When traveling by 4×4 in Morocco on a Sahara Desert Trek make sure to give yourself at least 4 days from Marrakech or Fes to guarantee a full Sahara experience. If you are willing to begin your Sahara Desert tour from Ouarzazate then a 2 or 3 Days Sahara adventure is plenty of time.

#2: There are three parts of the Sahara Desert that are most traveled by westerners for a Sahara Desert excursion or short break. The Top Sahara destinations and dunes are:

–       Merzouga (Erg Chebbi Dunes)

–       M’hamid (Erg Chegaga Dunes)

–       Zagora (Dunes of Tinfo)

#3: The best time to travel Morocco’s Sahara Desert is in spring or fall. The season of spring when it is best to travel in Morocco’s Sahara begins on or around March 10th – May 15th and the season of fall when it is best to travel Morocco’s Sahara begins on or around September 15th – October 31st. The best months to travel to Morocco’s Sahara in each season depends on the annual weather forecast. Traveling off season in the Sahara such as in the months of winter, summer, spending Christmas in the Sahara Desert or New Years Eve in a bivouac in the Sahara are definite options but require additional travel gear and patience with Morocco’s summer heat and winter’s cooler weather.

#4: Morocco’s Sahara Desert requires minimal travel gear regardless of the season. Listed below is a recommended short list of what to bring when traveling to Morocco’s Sahara region of Merzouga, M’hamid or Zagora. For a fully detailed list of Morocco Travel Gear

–       Brimmed hat, Visor, Hat, or Headscarf

–       Windbreaker or warm sweater for cooler months and evening weather when the Sahara Desert cools off

–       Travel Footwear: broken in sneakers or hiking shoes, sandals, socks

–       Sunscreen (SPF 30 + )

–       Sunglasses

–       Camera & Electronic Gear for Sahara photography

–       Personal Identification (Passport, Drivers license or Visa

–       Moroccan Dirhams (you can request Moroccan currency (the dirham) when you arrive or your Travel Exploration Morocco guide can assist with this.

#5: Morocco boasts three fabulous parts of the Sahara. These Saharan destinations are Merzouga, M’hamid and Zagora. All three destinations offer a unique Sahara Desert experience by camel trek or in 4×4.  For the die hard Sahara Desert fans, a visit to M’hamid’s Erg Chegaga Dunes which are the furthest point in the Sahara and align the border of Algeria are a must see. For a Sahara Desert adventure to the most majestic and golden dunes visit the Erg Chebbi Dunes in Merzouga which are the most popular and will not disappoint. For those who want a Sahara Desert adventure that will enable you to see slightly smaller dunes and a thriving Sahara town, its pottery cooperative, Tamagroute and a spiritual Zaouia site then choose Zagora.

Various Moroccan Sahara Tour Itineraries:

–      Sahara Desert Tours & Sahara Excursions from Marrakech

–       Sahara Desert Tours & Sahara Excursions from Fes

–      Sahara Desert Tours & Sahara Excursions from Ouarzazate

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Travel Exploration specializes in Morocco Travel. We provide Tours and travel opportunities to Morocco for the independent traveler and tailor-made tours for families and groups with a distinctly unique flavor. From Morocco’s Seven Imperial Cities, to the Magical Sahara Travel Exploration offers a captivating experience that will inspire you. At Travel Exploration we guarantee that you will discover the best of Morocco! Call Travel Exploration at 1 (800) 787-8806  or 1 (917)703-2078  and let’s book a tour to Morocco for you today.