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Morocco Travel Blog Nominated For Moroccan Blog Awards, Your Morocco Travel Guide

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

Morocco Travel Blog has been nominated for the Moroccan Blog Awards under the category of MOROCCO TRAVEL BLOGS – TRAVEL. To vote for the 2010 Moroccan Blog Awards click here and cast your vote for “Morocco Travel Blog” under BEST OF MOROCCO BLOGS – TRAVEL.

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The Morocco Travel Blog was created in December 2008 by Alecia Cohen a Moroccan Travel Specialist and former magazine publisher of eighteen years.  Morocco Travel Blog’s goal is to offer A Sensual Journey to Morocco through stories and photographs. With so many new travel blogs on the frontier and blog software available to enhance blogs, what is still lacking are travel blogs that are written not only with passion, but those that include journalistic and photographic expertise on Morocco travel, the culture and its people. Traversing the country of Morocco can be done on a private 4×4 tour, bus or train however Westerners who want to explore Morocco with ease and comfort need to consider researching their best private tour options online through professional Morocco Travel Agency websites and Morocco Travel Blogs.

Morocco Travel Blog seeks not only to offer an authentic reading and visual online experience but to take its readership into another world where they can instantly become an arm chair traveler on a Moroccan Adventure to the Sahara, an exploration to Morocco’s Imperial Cities or journey into the lives of Nomads in Berber Villages within the Middle Atlas Mountains of Southern Morocco. Morocco Travel Blog is the perfect read for those who are interested and passionate about the Maghreb.

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The Morocco Travel Blog shares with its audience entertaining and informative content about Morocco’s natural wonders, Morocco’s ancient monuments, kasbahs and art museums, Morocco’s Music Festivals (Fes Festival of Sacred World Music,  Gnaoua Festival and Sufi Festival), as well as the colorful souks of the Maghreb and positive social and artistic changes Morocco is undergoing as a country. Morocco Travel Blog offers fascinating articles and high end photography that  give YOU a true taste of Moroccan hospitality through lively, interesting and heartfelt stories about Morocco.

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Morocco Travel Blog welcomes visitors and subscribers of the blog to submit their own posts, comment on the visual elements and written stories plus learn more about the beauty of Morocco. Morocco Travel Blog’s sister company Travel Exploration Morocco is a Morocco Travel Agency that specializes in Morocco Tours, Morocco holidays, Morocco Travel Excursions and boutique trips that enable travelers to engage in an authentic experience with Morocco’s culture and people.


To participate in posting content and stories at Morocco Travel Blog email our Director Alecia J. Cohen. If you are interested in a Morocco Tour, it would also be our pleasure to help you plan your next Morocco adventure.

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